Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Perseverance, Persistence, and Patience

Friday: I knew the day was going to be different when I walked out, in the early morning, and felt a warm breeze.  Spring is really showing itself now!  Borealis wasn't acting like herself.  My first thought was, "Maybe she will go into labor today!"  I began to build with excitement! 

The day went on like my average day.  Work on school, feed bottles, eat lunch, check on the animals, finish school, and get ready for a 4-H meeting that night.  My friend Maddy came to my house so she could help me prepare for the 4-H meeting and feed the animals.  While Maddy and I were feeding my rabbits, mom came in and said, "Something is wrong with Borealis."  Those words to me were terrifying.  I ran to the barn and saw what look like her uterus coming out of her!  We contacted the vet, Cindy, and she said to push it back in and she would come an take a look at her.  We did exactly that and about forty five minutes later, she drove up the driveway.  I am really glad that she is such a nice vet!  Turns out that Borealis had prolapsed.  Cindy was able to use a prolapse retainer, or a U-spoon, for Borealis.  The only problem was that she didn't like it, so she would bite at it.  Then we had to put a dog cone on her.  She looked a little upset with me, but she was okay.  We also had to induce her labor just to be safe.

Saturday:  Ashley, Matt, and I all woke up early to travel to a rabbit show.  I always love to go to rabbit shows on days like this.  I am happy to say that I won Best of Breed American Fuzzy Lop, Best of Breed English Angora, Best of Breed French Angora, Best of Breed Giant Angora, and Best of Breed Satin Angora!  It was exciting that I won with rabbits from my own breedings or rabbits from good friends of mine.  The more important part is the fact that I had I great time with my friends!  I helped my friends Maddy, Brooke, Cassie, and Abby.  I had a wonderful day supporting PaSRBA (Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association) and  spending time with some great friends.

Sunday:  On Saturday night, Abby slept over and Maddy came to hang out.  If you've been following my blogs, I have been working with Peek-A-Boo for about five weeks now to help her build her strength to stand again and she was starting to show improvement.  On sunny days, I would always get her outside for that vitamin D.  Also, it was good exercise for the kids, who are growing like weeds!  So this past Sunday, with the help from Maddy and Abby, Peek-A-Boo was outside to enjoy the sunlight.  I went to the barn to grab some food for Peek, but when I came back, she saw the food in my hand and she stood!  She was standing!  A little wobbly, but she was up, using her legs!  I ran to give mom the notice and she made a mad dash for her shoes and she caught a glimpse of Peek's strength.  Peek laid down again and immediately tried standing.  She did it!  There was still hope, lots of hope. 

Monday:  I walked outside to begin the early morning feeding.  The whole morning I was thinking about getting Peek outside and keeping her in the pasture for the day.  After feeding, I decided that would be the best idea for her.  My mom helped me get her outside and as soon as she was out, mom cried.  Success!  She was out and enjoying the daylight!  There was just one problem, the kids.  They figured out a way to escape within a minute.  So, I thought that Cocoa and Bubba could stay out and I could tear down their pen and set it up for the kids.  After a lot of trips back and forth, I had it all set up.  I put the kids in and gave them some food.  "Go be goats," I said.  That day Maddy came over to stay until the Shooting Sports meeting that night.  She and I were checking on Borealis, Peek, and the kids a lot.  Finally, around three o'clock, Borealis went into labor.  She was pushing but nothing was happening.  My mom and I took out the prolapse retainer and checked to see if the kid was in position.  Borealis wasn't dilated enough and that's what the problem was.  After a lot of pushing and pulling, the last kid of the season, here at Blue Mountain Farms, was born!  It's a buck.  Of course, another buck.  At least he is happy and healthy.  Borealis seems to be doing well too.  I decided to name him Storm.

Today:  All is well today.  Peek is outside, the kids are starting to eat grain, Borealis is happy, Storm is great, and all of the animals are eating their hay and enjoying the day. 



Daphne was mad because I didn't give her a bottle

The kids are enjoying their day

Peek is standing!!!

Shaggy is one interesting goat!


He is showing off

"Hey! What are you doing?"

He is a cute little guy, don't you think?

Friday, April 10, 2015

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Hello everyone!  It's been a little gloomy out lately, but that sun has been trying real hard to peek out.  It's finally spring! Speaking of peek and trying hard, Peek-A-Boo is almost standing!  Last week our vet, Cindy, came to dehorn the kids.  She was very impressed with the improvement on Peek and said that we should see a big difference within the next few days.  Well, I waited for that difference, but nothing was happening.  I still put her in the sling everyday and was doing everything that I could do.  

Saturday, April 4th: I was woken by the door closing.  My friend Maddy had slept over that night and we were surprised when my mom walked into the living room to tell us that Willow, one of my Angora goats, has kidded!  She had a little, salt and pepper colored buck!  He was already up and running!  Willow is such a wonderful mother.  Thank goodness!  He is very healthy and doing very well.  Today, he was even able to join the other Angora goats outside.  They seem to accept him, but Ella, Willow's kid from last spring, is a little bit angry because she thinks that Willow likes the little buck better.  A little jealousy going on there, but she will move on eventually.  Silly goats!

Monday, April 6th: It felt like a normal day, well, my kind of normal.  It was raining and a little cold.  The animals were making a lot of noise, like usual at this hour.  I walked into the barn and, like always, I went to Peek's pen first.  Right away, I was greeted by three little kids with milk-like breath.  They were bouncing all around and they knew that it was soon time for Peek to go in her sling.  She seemed a little energized today.  She was sitting on her hind legs like a dog.  She loves this position.  It looks very uncomfortable, but she likes it.  I could see that her eyes were brighter than they have been over the last few weeks.  I put her in the sling and walked out to get her food.  When she saw me come around the corner with that scoop of food, she jumped off with her back legs and landed right on the ground, waiting to taste the sweet feed!  I was shocked!  She had never done that before!  Maybe she was becoming close to standing on her own!  I gave her the food and let her go for a few hours before I had to put her in the sling again.

Today: Ashley's sheep are growing like crazy!  Suess is looking great!  He can't stand being away from Ashley for more than an hour.  He has to be with people.  He isn't liking the whole "you have to be a sheep" thing.  This morning he was bouncing around like he had little springs in his legs!  He is one interesting little lamb.  I like to call him unique.  Also, Peek is still trying really hard.  It's like a switch of determination went on!  She has her mind set on standing!  Fingers crossed, I hope she will be able to soon.

Thank you for reading this blog! 

Willow and her little guy! 

Willow's kid!

Told you she loves this position.

Peek-A-Boo almost licked the camera!

"Zoom Zoom" Here comes Scooby!

Maddy and Daphne.

Me and Scooby.

Suess watching the flag.

Suess was a little sleepy.

They are like little spies! 

Yep, that's my sister

Marshmallow enjoying the breeze 

Mac, Tyler's bull, decided that he wanted to go outside of the pen, so this picture was taken while we were trying to get him back in.