Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Little Nugget

The past few days, I have been caring for one little friend.  This friend has had a tough life so far.  I am hoping that my friend makes it.  This friend is a baby Giant Angora rabbit.  I call her Little Nugget.  The day she was born, I found her on the rabbitry floor.  The mom wasn't too fond of them on day one.  She had a total of 8.  Unfortunately 4 did not make it.  I still had four left so right away a ran into the house to keep them warm and care for them.  Once they were all warm, I carried the mom, Abby, into the house to let her nurse the babies.

After two weeks of walking out to the rabbitry, taking Abby out of her cage, carrying her into the house, and holding her in a way that she is comfortable and the kits could nurse still, I decided that she might like to care for them herself.  After I put them together, she seemed to show much curiosity for them, so I checked on them hourly.  They all had full milk bellies so I thought they should be okay.  Once they were under Abby's care for two days, I checked each one to see how they were doing.  I was mortified to see that the runt was rejected!  I separated Little Nugget from Abby and brought her into the house.  I stole a bag of goat milk that was in the freezer to start defrosting so I could feed Nugget.  Once the milk was defrosted a little, I heated up a bottle for Nugget.  She drank it right away!

Nugget started to grow after that day and now, she is looking great!  She is drinking more and more everyday.  Oh, I almost forgot!  The three siblings of Nugget are all growing, nursing, and looking wonderful!  I hope that Nugget will make it.  Wish her good luck!

Nugget and sibling - one day old

Reintroduced to Abby


So tired after bottle time

Falling asleep

"Oh, hello there."

Nugget loves bottle time!

Secret loves Nugget!

Nugget running around!

Happy Holidays from Nugget!