Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Choice

Every day, I have a choice.  Do I wake up, feed my animals, work, do what is best for me because no one else will do it if I don’t, or do I stay in bed and wait for things to be handed to me?  This whole race to become the next President, senator, or representative has turned into a nightmare.  A very one-sided, I’m right, you’re wrong situation that some people don’t even feel comfortable voicing their own opinion.  Many people have such a strong opinion and feel so passionately about it that it is dividing friendships, families, and more. 

Trump’s slogan during his entire race was, “Make America Great Again!”  Hillary’s slogan was, “Stronger Together.”  This isn’t something that Trump and Hillary would be able to succeed in doing alone, nor is either idea any less important because the other one lost!  We all have a responsibility to “Make America Great Again!” and we are definitely “Stronger Together!” 

This is a task that every American has to contribute towards.  We have to be kind to each other and all work to achieve a balance on what is best for this wonderful country and do it together.  Instead of fighting with others over their differences, we need to respect them, embrace them, or at the very least try to understand them.  Yes, we will run into hurdles and we won’t always succeed in what we may be attempting to accomplish, but we won’t always fail either.  Take Thomas Edison for example.  With very limited resources, he used multiple products to create the first successful light bulb which was actually economically viable.  While others had also created them before him, his perseverance helped him build a better product we take for granted today.

  If you’re looking for someone who is a bit more modern day, look to James Dyson for an example.  He worked and worked for five years to build a vacuum that would actually clean a floor.  He failed a lot, 5,127 times to be exact, but when he finally succeeded, he didn’t stop and retire, even though he could have, he is still working to improve his original model.  Will a vacuum change the world?  No, but it did make things a lot easier for us.

 I am always told the 4-H motto which is, “Make the Best Better,” and I always strive to do just that.  You know, America was founded because Christopher Columbus failed to sail his proper route.  Failing isn’t always a bad thing and everything happens for a reason.  So now, we can all make our plans to flee the country or complain about Trump being the new President, but I am going to continue to be kind and work hard because my opportunities aren’t just handed to me and I have to work for them.  I will continue to “Make the Best Better”. Will I be able to change the world, by myself?  No, but I will work hard to make my dreams come true because, no matter what, the government can’t change that. 

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