Friday, March 10, 2017

Time is not Measured by Clocks, but by Moments

Sometimes, the greatest things happen when you least expect them.  Luna, my Nubian dairy goat, was due to have her kids, but I didn't think she was going to have them anytime this week.  She bagged up and she was huge, but she still was extremely energetic.  Last year, Luna still had about a month until she was due, but she kidded and her twin bucks that were too young and, sadly, they didn't make it.  So, I was very nervous for this year because I wasn't sure if all was going to go well with her.  I also was very excited to finally have babies from her.

On Tuesday morning, however, Ashley went out to feed her sheep and I was in the kitchen also about to go outside when Ashley came running to the door telling me that I needed to come to the barn.  My mom and I quickly threw our shoes on and ran to the barn.  We heard a cry from a baby goat and we knew Luna had kidded.  Once we were in the barn, we were greeted by Luna and her three kids.  She had triplets!  She had them all on her own without any problems too!  I was very excited by this sight, but now I had to get to work with feeding Luna, who is now half her size, clean her stall, make sure the kids eat, and possibly milk her and bottle feed the kids.  In the morning, she was wonderful with all three of them.  As the day went on, she stopped taking care of the one doe kid, then the buck kid.  This meant that I had to milk her out and bottle feed the two she wouldn't let nurse.  They took the bottle really well and are now drinking a bottle four times a day almost.  They are really healthy and strong now.  Since Luna is named after the moon, I decided to go with a space theme for the kids.  The little buck is Galaxy, the black and white doe is Moonbeam, and the blonde doe is Star.  They are all precious and enjoy playing outside.  I really look forward to seeing them grow.  Now it's time to wait for the Angora goats!

Star has quite the voice!

Moonbeam's first picture

Moonbeam loves being outside


Galaxy is a fan of the camera

Star needed a snack!

Strike a pose, Galaxy!

Star was very tired after playing

Peek-a-Boo was filing a noise complaint... she hardly had the chance to sleep! Silly goats