Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sometimes You Just Shouldn’t Quit

Hello everyone, with all the negative currently surrounding us all in the news, I thought you might enjoy a heartfelt story that surely should brighten your day.  Did you ever have one of those times that you just thought, hmmm, maybe, just maybe, I ought to give this a chance?  Well, recently that happened for me.  The result was a wonderful surprise, I affectionately call Lil’ Nugget.  You see, I raise Angoras, all four breeds.  As many of you may or may not know, Giant Angoras aren’t always the best mothers; however, I had one last year that I bred, she kindled, and believe it or not, all kits were in the nest box!  Whew, I couldn’t believe it.  I should have continued to hold my breath because on day 5, the doe kicked one of the kits out of the box.  I found the little kit the next morning, cold, dehydrated, and well, not looking so good. 

I’m a sucker for the runt.  Always have been!  So, I decided to give it a chance; of course, the odds were slim to none.  I took the little kit inside, warmed it up, and, since I raise dairy goats, warmed up some milk.  Once it pinked up a bit, I offered it a bit of the milk.  Ever so carefully, I managed to squeeze several drops into the dehydrated kit.  A few hours later, I repeated this process.  In fact, I repeated this four times a day for weeks.  After a few weeks, the kit actually helped me hold a small bottle I had made for it!  By week four, the kit actually passed the size of its siblings and I was able to tell that it was a doe I named Lil’ Nugget! 

Lil’ Nugget and I have been on several adventures.  She joined me at our local extension office for a summer camp, several shows including my county 4-H fair, and yes, even ARBA Nationals this year in San Diego.  I proudly brought Lil’ Nugget with me to show her.  I was also quite proud of the fact that at 9 months old, she weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds 11 ounces!  Even after her long trip to San Diego, she remained in a beautiful show coat and went on to win a few Best in Shows and Reserve in Shows in my area.  I recently clipped her down and am looking forward to breeding her.  I’m thinking she might be a great mom!  If not, I’ll be there to help her, bottle and all.  So, the moral to my story, is just sometimes, we should give a chance to the little guy, they might just surprise you.
Lil Nugget Drinking from her bottle

Winning 2nd Reserve in Show at Apple Country

She's just beautiful!

Best in Show at Tri-County