Thursday, March 31, 2016

Update on Iris!

Hello everyone!  I have been very busy lately with one special friend.  Her name is Iris and she is my puppy.  In case you don't know the story about Iris, the following is a little summary:

"Lily had her puppies. She had a litter of six and they are all healthy." I contacted Kelly, from Hopping Acres, a few times just checking in on them and every time, she would make sure that I knew that there was a waiting list for these puppies. I wasn't too thrilled to hear that, but I was glad that all of the puppies were going to permanent homes. After two weeks, Christmas came around. Every year, we go on a scavenger hunt for one of our presents. This year, we did one for mom, then Tyler, Ashley, and finally me. I was a little bit confused when mom sat me down in a chair in front of the computer and started to play a slideshow of all of my animal projects through 4-H. Towards the end, there was a picture of Dexter, our Bichon we lost earlier this year, and it said, "Gone but not forgotten." The next picture was a picture of my favorite puppy out of Lily's litter and it said, "Do you have room for me?" I balled my eyes out! I couldn't believe my eyes! I named her Iris and she was going to be my puppy! Iris is a Karakachan puppy.  Karakachans are a Bulgarian breed that are rare.  I couldn't wait to pick her up on January 31st! It's safe to say that I had the best Christmas ever."

Since January 31st, I have been working very hard with her.  In fact, she already knows how to "sit", "lay down ", "stay" and "give paw"!  She is a very smart dog and I really look forward to agility with her.  I have started introducing her the agility equipment already!  I think that her favorite so far is either the bridge or the tunnel.  She is also trying to learn how to be off leash without running off.  Sometimes she is a perfect angel, but other times she likes to check things out I guess, but she loves treats when she listens!  One of the challenges so far is the teeter totter. She is scared of the fact that it drops down when she is still on it. I am desensitizing her to the idea and she is warming up to it. I am very proud of her and I really look forward to our future.


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